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Hurry Up Tomorrow


Molly MettlerGeneral Electric, that behemoth, used to 'Bring good things to life' but they rebranded and now say they are 'Imagination at work.' ' Intel, also feeling creative, changed their famous 'Intel inside' to 'Leap ahead' and 'Sponsors of tomorrow.' Now, with imagination, a leap ahead and an eye on tomorrow, GE and Intel have announced a new joint venture to develop 'new health care tools' for an aging America.

Hallelujah and more power (excuse the pun) to them.

The new company is focusing on patient management of chronic disease and helping elders maintain independence in the home through assistive technology. (Check out this video for an idea of aging in place with help from technology. Warning: the video is slick and glib and still reduced a group of family caregivers, me included, to tears.)

GE and Intel are not turning their sights to the plight of elders and family caregivers out of the goodness of their heart devices; they have evaluated the market for whatever products they may produce and have declared it large enough to hold their interest: somewhere between 3-5 billion dollars with trajectories upward of 20 billion dollars.'  ' 

I don't fault them one red cent. Right now, there are roughly 50 million family caregivers providing 80% of the long term care in this country. We also have explosive growth in the 65+ population coupled with an alarming lack of health care providers trained in geriatrics. We need all the tools we can get to help self-manage our own aging and to be engaged and active caregivers of our elders. And for those of us providing daily care for a beloved elder, tomorrow isn't soon enough.

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Molly Mettler is a Senior Vice President for Healthwise and in this position, she advocates for a transformation in the role of the health care consumer from a passive recipient to one who’s stronger, more active, and involved in his or her own care.  She is also a CFAH William Ziff Fellows.

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