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Advice for People New to Health Insurance (Part 8): Who's Who In Your Doctor's Office


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As the new Federal deadline for signing up for health insurance fast approaches, many Americans are enrolling for the first time.

Whether you have had health insurance through an employer, through Medicare or are new to health insurance, this eight-part blog series, pulled from our Be a Prepared Patient resources, has information to help you understand how to pay for your care, how to interact with your doctor’s office and what preventive care you might need, much of which is provided free under the Affordable Care Act (visit this page from NPR for more FAQs on the Affordable Care Act).



Who's Who In Your Doctor's Office

Long gone are the days when all nurses sport identical uniforms and only physicians wear white coats and scrubs. Today, when visiting your doctor's office, it can be difficult to know with whom you're speaking and what role they play in your health care.

Your doctor’s office is staffed by many people, from nurse practitioners to lab technicians, who all contribute differently to taking care of patients. Here’s a guide to understanding the various professionals in a typical doctor’s office so you can know who is treating you and who to ask for help with your medical more

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