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Jim Sabin, MD , has been in health care for 45 years — as psychiatrist, medical director, teacher/researcher, consultant, and leader of the ethics program at a health insurer. He is also a clinical professor in the departments of Population Medicine and Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a former board member of the Center for Advancing Health. You can find Jim’s  blog, Health Care Organizational Ethics, here.

After Visit Summary - Little Things Mean a Lot

Jim Sabin | November 19, 2010
When I was in high school, the singer Kitty Kallen had a #1 hit - "Little Things Mean a Lot." The ballad is decidedly uncool by current standards, but as a teen-ager I liked its romantic dreaminess. The song popped into my mind as I was musing about the after visit summary I was given at the end of an appointment with my primary care physician yesterday.