Behavior Matters: 15 Years of Halth Behavior Advocacy by Jessie Gruman, PhD

Behavior Matters: 15 Years of Health Behavior Advocacy

In her introduction for this 2008 collection of essays and speeches, Jessie Gruman wrote: "Over the past 15 years, I have written hundreds of editorials for the Center's publications; delivered dozens of speeches to organizations, government agencies, corporations and academic institutions; written articles for academic and popular press and testified before Congress. For the purpose of this volume, I have chosen ten related topics that highlight the key challenges now facing researchers and practitioners who believe that we will not solve the health problems of our time without systematically addressing health behavior."


1. Why Study Health Behavior Now?
2. Dilemmas of Progress for Health Behavior Research
3. Is Health Promotion for Older Adults Just Nice or Really Necessary?
4. Are We Really "Consumers" of Health and Health Care?
5. Prevention Deficit Disorder: When Politics and Science Collide
6. Promises and Pitfalls on the Way to Transforming Consumer Health Decision-Making
7. How Science and the Media Undermine Behavior Change
8. Improving Health: Is Clinical Medicine Up to the Task?
9. Follow the Money: What Health Behavior Professionals Need to Know About Foundation Funding
10. The Mutual Obligations of Scientists and Society

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