5 Best Full Spectrum CBD Gummies of 2023 Reviewed

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Written by Nina Julia | Last updated: February 22, 2023

Wondering where to find the best full-spectrum CBD gummies from trustworthy brands? You’ve come to the right place. Here we provide an unbiased ranking that can help you make a well-informed decision.

Full-spectrum CBD is considered to be the best type of hemp extract. Such products contain the whole array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids naturally occurring in hemp.

Together, these compounds amplify the health benefits of each other while mitigating potentially unwanted effects.

This is known as the entourage effect.

Let’s find out which brands leverage this biological phenomenon to the fullest.

Best Full Spectrum CBD Gummies: Top 5 Brands for 2023

  1. Royal CBD – Best Full Spectrum Gummies Overall
  2. Area 52 – Best Ratio of CBD to THC
  3. Gold Bee – Best Organic Formula
  4. CBDistillery
  5. Medterra

There’s a great number of CBD gummies available for sale. With such big competition on the market, it may be confusing to find the right product for your needs, especially if that’s your first time with hemp extracts.

To make it less of drudgery for you, I’ve tested the most popular brands on the market and came up with a ranking of the best full-spectrum CBD gummies based on the hemp source, extraction methods, chemical profile, efficacy, flavor, and transparency.

1. Royal CBD

Pros Cons
  • US-grown, non-GMO hemp
  • Extracted with supercritical CO2
  • Infused with broad-spectrum CBD
  • Two strengths: 10 mg and 25 mg
  • Delicious fruity flavor
  • Sweet and sour options available
  • Available in an assortment of several flavors (no single flavor available)

Royal CBD was launched in 2018 by a group of hemp advocates, researchers, and biohackers with a mission to elevate the industry standards after witnessing too much mediocrity from the customer’s perspective.

Royal CBD gummies are among several formats offered by this brand (you can also buy oil drops, capsules, honey sticks, and creams).

They contain 25 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC (still within legal limits), making the entourage effect more pronounced than with regular full-spectrum gummies.

The gummies also come with high levels of terpenes, such as myrcene, limonene, and linalool — which further enhance their effects.

Our recent Royal CBD review states that every batch of Royal CBD Gummies is third-party tested for potency and purity in an ISO-certified laboratory. The company sends certificates of analysis upon request via email.

2. Area 52

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Pros Cons
  • Organic hemp
  • 25 mg CBD / 5 mg THC
  • Larger than typical gummies
  • Natural flavorings and colorings
  • Third-party tested for potency and purity
  • Not available locally
  • Slightly more expensive than regular full-spectrum CBD gummies

These newly released gummies by Area 52 are a little bit larger than the company’s regular gummies, providing 25 mg of CBD and a total of 5 mg of delta 9 THC — which is compliant with the provisions laid out by the 2018 Farm Bill.

However, even with the 5 mg dose, they make a little go a long way, providing clear psychoactive effects.

In our review for Area 52, their products including the gummies are also infused with other supportive cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN, and CBC — and a blend of terpenes including myrcene, pinene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene.

Because of more well-rounded effects, the Area 52 UFO gummies are less likely to make you feel anxious or paranoid.

3. Gold Bee

Pros Cons
  • All-organic ingredients
  • Sweetened with honey
  • 25 mg of CBD
  • High terpene content
  • Vegan
  • A mix of delicious fruity flavors
  • Only one strength is available
  • No single flavors

If you’re looking for a true maverick among CBD brands, Gold Bee is the place to go. The company offers full-spectrum CBD products infused with superfoods such as organic raw honey and coconut oil. These ingredients are included as a way to translate the company’s previous specialization into its current operations.

Similar to Royal CBD, the Gold Bee brand offers 25 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC in its gummies. The CBD extract is sourced from terpene-rich strains, which the company collects from craft American Farms.

Another great thing about this product is that it’s vegan. Gold Bee stays true to its mission statement, being a plant-based company and not using any animal-derived products.

On top of that, the gummies are sweetened with honey, organic cane sugar, and fruit juices — contributing to a deep, tangy flavor.

4. CBDistillery

Pros Cons
  • Non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp
  • CO2 extraction
  • Enjoyable taste
  • Vegan
  • 30 mg per gummy
  • More expensive than the other gummies from this list
  • Difficult to those due to an unusual potency

CBDistillery is one of the industry trailblazers – the company has been selling CBD products for over 6 years now, starting with a humble selection of CBD oils and gummies.

Similar to the other companies on my list, we recently reviewed CBDistillery, CBDistillery infuses its gummies with a full-spectrum extract. These gummies are stronger than average, packing 30 mg of CBD per gummy full of grape flavors.

5. Medterra

Pros Cons
  • Organic hemp
  • CO2 extraction
  • Formulas for focus, sleep, and immune system
  • 25 mg CBD
  • Lab-tested for potency and purity
  • Not available in lower concentrations
  • No discounts for returning customers

Medterra is an artisan brand from California that specializes in premium CBD extractions from organic hemp. The gummies are among its best selling products — and for a good reason.

First, they come in three different formulas, all targeted at different health needs:

  • Immune Boost: with vitamin C, elderberry, and zinc
  • Stay Alert: with green tea and ginkgo biloba
  • Sleep Tight: with chamomile, lemon balm, and 5-HTP

Our recent review for Medterra shows that you can order these full-spectrum CBD gummies in paper packs, each containing 30 gummies with 25 mg of CBD in each serving. Medterra is a good company if you’re looking for a transparent manufacturer who caters to different types of consumers.

How We Assessed the Quality of These Gummies

If you’re new to CBD, it can be confusing to choose the best full-spectrum gummies from the sea of mediocre products. After spending over 6 years in this industry, I’ve managed to learn quite a lot about particular quality criteria one should check before buying from any company.

Using my experience, I’ll show you how I selected these gummies based on several essential features. You’ll understand how to pick the right vendor and what to beware of when shopping for full-spectrum CBD gummies online.

The Origin of Hemp

The source of hemp is arguably one of the most important factors in assessing the quality of CBD gummies. Hemp is where CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes are produced.

This type of cannabis is an effective bioaccumulator; in other words, it draws up everything from its environment, including the good and bad compounds.

The best full-spectrum CBD gummies are made from non-GMO, US-grown hemp that matured without pesticides, herbicides, and in clean soil. Such plants will yield high-CBD and terpene-rich flowers.

On the other hand, mass-produced hemp imported from overseas may contain the above chemicals, not to mention heavy metals from contaminated soil — compromising the quality of the final product.

Extraction Method

There are several ways to extract CBD from hemp, including alcohol, cooking oil, hydrocarbon, and CO2 extraction.

CO2 extraction is currently the golden standard on the market because it yields pure and potent CBD extracts without using toxic solvents or additional heat.

Alcohol and olive oil extractions are less popular and efficient — but they’re still acceptable when it comes to making high-quality CBD products.

Beware of full-spectrum CBD gummies extracted with hydrocarbon solvents. Such products often contain an extract contaminated with solvent residue. This can be toxic to your body.


Some brands, such as Royal CBD and Area 52, have achieved higher amounts of THC in their gummies but still managed to maintain them within legal limits.

Although these additional amounts won’t get you high, they will provide better-rounded effects on top of an increased therapeutic value.

Such CBD gummies are often marketed as “the real full spectrum.”

Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party testing is a quintessential part of every company’s transparency. Since the CBD market isn’t regulated when it comes to potency and purity standards, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to control these parameters.

That’s why reputable companies send samples of their products to independent laboratories for complete chemical analysis. Once the product passes the screening, it receives a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) that should be attached to the product page on the company’s website.

If your vendor doesn’t publish lab reports or refuses to send them on request, it’s a big red flag.

Texture & Flavors

Aside from the obvious health benefits, CBD gummies should be fun to eat. This means no artificial aftertaste, no harsh feeling from the full-spectrum extract, and a satisfying chewy-gooey texture that takes your memories back to a carefree childhood.

Low-quality gummies are known for a bad taste and texture that easily melts when you take them out of the jar.

The Potency of CBD

The concentration of CBD in full-spectrum gummies can range between 10 mg and 50 mg. Besides the type of extract, you should be aware of how much CBD is in the jar — and per gummy.

It will help you gauge the right CBD dosage from the start. If you microdose CBD or use it for daily supplementation, potencies between 10 mg and 25 mg should suit you best.

For those who require more CBD in their routine, concentrations upwards of 30 mg are recommended.

There’s no point in buying CBD gummies infused with 2 mg or 5 mg per gummy. Oral products already have poor bioavailability, so you won’t be getting much CBD in your system from such low doses.

Quality of Additional Ingredients

The quality of the hemp extract is one thing, but keep in mind that CBD gummies contain at least a few ingredients that can make or break your experience;

  • Gummy base: it should be made with gelatin or fruit pectin (for vegan gummies). Sometimes, a manufacturer can use a combination of both thickeners.
  • Sweeteners: high-quality full-spectrum CBD gummies are sweetened with organic cane sugar, xylitol, or honey. Steer clear of artificial sweeteners and fructose syrup; they leave a nasty aftertaste after consumption.
  • Flavors & colors: this is the biggest minefield for the producer. Ideally, the gummies should be flavored and colored with fruit juices and concentrates. Artificial flavorings and colorings aren’t a good option; although most such products have been considered safe for consumption, their combinations in CBD products haven’t been tested for safety.

Brand Reputation

The CBD market has grown to an impressive size in the last decades. There are already many established names you can buy full-spectrum CBD gummies from — some of them have been mentioned in my ranking.

When doing your own research on the best CBD gummies, make sure to do a solid background check on your potential vendors.

Check their history of complaints, the status at Better Business Bureau or other watchdog websites, and most importantly, look for reviews from real users — you’ll find them on third-party websites such as industry blogs or social media groups.

Personal Experience

Finally, I’ve gone through my own trial-and-error. As they say, you may need to kiss many frogs to find a prince, which is exactly the case with CBD gummies.

My top list contains my absolute favorite brands, so if you try (or have tried) any of them, let me know in the comments.

Anyway, besides slight personal differences — which are obvious since we’re all different — I can assure you that all these companies make real full-spectrum CBD gummies crafted to the proper standards, both in terms of ingredients and transparency.

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies FAQ

Have more questions about full-spectrum CBD gummies? Find them here!

What Are Full Spectrum CBD Gummies?

Full-spectrum CBD gummies are made with a whole-plant hemp extract that contains a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

These compounds work synergistically to create the entourage effect — enhancing the health benefits of the whole extract.

Studies have shown that full-spectrum CBD demonstrates the highest efficacy and is more predictable when it comes to dosing than other spectra.

How Are Full Spectrum CBD Gummies Different from Isolate?

As the name implies, CBD isolate is just pure CBD. You won’t find any other cannabinoids or terpenes in it.

Isolate-based products are good for people who don’t want to take any THC in their gummies or are allergic to the other hemp compounds. However, they might not be as effective as their full-spectrum counterparts.

That’s because isolates don’t evoke the entourage effect. Given this, you may need a higher dose of isolate-based gummies to achieve the same effect as with a full-spectrum extract.

Are Broad Spectrum Gummies the Same As Full Spectrum Gummies?

Broad-spectrum gummies are kind of a compromise between full-spectrum CBD and isolate.

They contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the full-spectrum extract — except for THC, which is removed after the initial stage of extraction.

These products can help you achieve some of the entourage effects, but they won’t be as pronounced as with the real full-spectrum CBD gummies.

Are Full Spectrum CBD Gummies Safe?

CBD is generally safe and well-tolerated by humans, even in doses as high as 1,500 mg daily administered for several weeks.

One study on mice found that high doses of CBD can be dangerous for the liver. However, the authors force-fed the mice with ridiculously large amounts — and the results have never been replicated in humans.

Even health organizations like the WHO admits that CBD has a good safety profile.

The Side Effects of Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

That being said, every substance can trigger side effects when used in excessive amounts.

What happens when you take too many CBD gummies at a time?

Don’t worry, you can’t overdose to death — that’s impossible because cannabinoids don’t affect the part of the brain stem responsible for respiratory function.

Nevertheless, you may still experience a few mild side effects, such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Sedation
  • Changes in appetite
  • Irritation

Lastly, keep in mind that CBD can interact with a lot of medications, so if you take any, consult your doctor before buying full-spectrum CBD gummies.

Will Full Spectrum Gummies Make Me High?

No, that’s not possible. First, full-spectrum CBD gummies don’t contain enough THC to induce intoxication (i.e. get you high). Second, even if there was more THC, the prevalence of CBD would counteract its psychedelic potential by limiting the surface area of the receptors to which THC binds to make you feel high.

How Long Does It Take to Notice the Effect of CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are among the slowest-acting products due to their route of administration. When you eat a CBD gummy, it must be first metabolized in your liver before it can be released again into the bloodstream.

This means two things: your dose loses some of its potency that way and the effects are delayed.

Usually by 40 minutes, but it can take up to 2 hours before you notice any change.

On a positive note, since the CBD is released gradually from the liver, the effects of full-spectrum CBD gummies last longer than in other formats.

Can Full Spectrum CBD Gummies Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

This is very unlikely unless you eat extremely large amounts of CBD. In order to get a false-positive result on a drug screening, you’d need to take about 2000 mg of CBD from a full-spectrum product daily.

That’s the equivalent of 3 regular-sized jars of full-spectrum CBD gummies per day.

That should make you feel worried about getting insulin resistance and diabetes instead of testing positive for THC.

Still, if you’re worried about being that one-of-a-million exception, you can go with broad-spectrum or isolate-based CBD gummies.

Final Thoughts on the Best Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Full-spectrum CBD gummies are the best if you want to enjoy the full synergy from cannabinoids and terpenes in a convenient and tasty form.

They contain CBD, other supportive cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC, as well as terpenes and trace amounts of THC.

While simple full-spectrum CBD gummies are quite easy to make, achieving the right ratio between CBD and THC — not to mention the combination of terpenes that will add more character to their effects — is easier said than done.

If you’re looking for the real full-spectrum CBD gummies that leverage the entourage effect, check out my recommendations from this guide. I also encourage you to do your own research so that you become more fluent when it comes to choosing different brands and their products.

Nina created CFAH.org following the birth of her second child. She was a science and math teacher for 6 years prior to becoming a parent — teaching in schools in White Plains, New York and later in Paterson, New Jersey.

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