Best Kratom for Energy: Most Energetic Strains of 2023

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Written by Nina Julia | Last updated: January 9, 2023

More likely than not, you’ve had a day or two at work where you feel drained of all energy and motivation. In 2018, nearly 70% of the US labor workforce experienced workplace fatigue, whether chronic or acute.

Fatigue includes feelings of sleepiness, tiredness, and diminished energy. Some fatigued individuals may find they need to exert more effort into performing tasks satisfactorily.

Even though it frequently occurs at work, fatigue isn’t only prevalent during the 9-to-5 day. Fatigue can get in the way of your social life, familial relationships, and hobbies.

If you are looking for a boost of energy to get you through your day, you should consider trying kratom. Kratom is a natural plant that offers stimulating effects. Many people are starting to reach for kratom over their daily coffee, which often causes insomnia and feelings of restlessness.

Kratom is a relatively unfamiliar product in the Western world. We are here to combat any stigmas around it and show you the good it can do. Read on to learn more about the best kratom for energy and focus, how kratom works, and where you can buy it safely.

Best Kratom Strains for Energy & Focus

Kratom is an effective natural supplement with many different strains — all of which produce different effects. That means some are better at boosting your energy and sharpening your focus than others.

Before we get into our top strains, you need to know there are three main types of kratom varieties: red, green, and white.

  • Red varieties are often the most potent and they have powerful pain-relieving properties. They are also known for their sedative effects, which means they will leave you feeling drowsy.
  • Green varieties are the middle ground between red and white variations. Green varieties offer a strong balance of pain relief and full-body rejuvenation.
  • White varieties are arguably the least potent of the three, but they still offer great benefits. White kratom offers moderate degrees of serenity and physical relaxation. However, its focus is providing users with a boost of clear-minded energy.

With the differences in the vein colors in mind, white and green varieties are the way to go if you are looking for the best kratom for energy and focus.

There are many types of white and green kratom. How are you supposed to know which strains are the best?

We’ve done all the research for you here, so you won’t have to waste your time sifting through thousands of online reviews and articles.

Check out the top three best kratom strains for energy and focus below.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Strain

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Users who are looking for increased energy and focus should use Maeng Da kratom strains, either White Maeng Da or Green Maeng Da.

When it comes to choosing between White Maeng Da and Green Maeng Da for energy and focus, the former is the superior choice. Green Maeng Da offers some euphoric effects — making you feel happy and content — but it’s not as stimulating.

White Maeng Da is similar to White Thai, a potent strain that causes euphoric and energetic effects. People use it to lower anxiety and increase overall feelings of well-being.

On the other hand, White Maeng Da is more stimulating. When you take a small dose, you will experience increased energy and focus for hours at a time.

If you’re interested in getting an instant perk, White Maeng Da is the strain to reach for.

Benefits of Maeng Da Kratom

  • Both White Maeng Da and Green Maeng Da work as stimulants
  • White Maeng Da is a more potent energy booster
  • The increased potency of White Maeng Da means a small dose goes a long way
  • Increased energy and focus lasting for several hours

White Borneo Kratom

White Borneo Strain

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White Borneo is a kratom variety that comes from the island of Borneo, which lies southeast of the Malay Peninsula.

White Borneo contains many energy-boosting alkaloids, which will leave you feeling invigorated. Some users experience some pain relief when they consume White Borneo in large enough doses, although this quality is found primarily in red varieties.

With White Borneo, users report feeling an enhanced sense of mental clarity. This means that you’ll be able to better focus on lengthy, intensive tasks.

Its stimulation is much unlike the effects that coffee produces. With coffee, you’ll be left feeling nervous and jittery, which can make concentration difficult. White Borneo gives you a steady feeling of energy and motivation.

We wouldn’t go so far as to describe the effects of White Borneo as “euphoric.” However, consuming the right dosage will leave you feeling happier. White Borneo is a natural mood lifter, so you will be able to get through your day with contentment. You’ll find it easier to dedicate your attention to the things that matter, like your tasks at work or your children or spouse at home.

Benefits of White Borneo Kratom

  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Provides the user with a more intense focus
  • Fosters feelings of happiness
  • Leaves you feeling more content

Green Indo Kratom

Green Indo Strain

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As the name implies, Indo kratom comes from Indonesia. It’s available in red, white, and green varieties. From our research, the Green Indo variety is the most effective if you are looking to improve your focus and increase your energy levels. Green Indo offers the perfect balance of invigoration and feelings of wellness.

One of Green Indo’s primary goals is to offer users enhanced stimulation. Upon taking a Green Indo dose, you will experience significant energizing effects and overall feelings of well-being.

Green Indo can also offer mind pain relief in higher quantities. Easing inflammation and joint pain can leave you feeling energized and more prepared to accomplish what you want every day. Pain can be incredibly distracting, and it’s only once you find a reliable method of relief that you notice how much you used to focus on it. We find that Green Indo’s softening of aches and sores leaves you in a better headspace to tackle everyday tasks and chores.

Benefits of Green Indo Kratom

  • Provides a nice balance of well-rounded effects
  • Leaves the user feeling energized
  • Promotes overall well-being
  • Offers relief from inflammation, joint pain, and other mild physical symptoms

How Does Kratom Work for Energy & Focus?

Kratom pills and powder

There are many alkaloids present in kratom. However, the two most active ones are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These alkaloids attach themselves to opioid receptors within your brain, resulting in both mental and physical properties that boost your overall energy.

Release of Endorphins

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine encourage the release of endorphins that combat depression and anxiety. When you are better equipped to deal with these conditions, you will focus on other tasks. Plus, your body will have more energy available to dedicate to essential projects.

Enhanced Memory

The same alkaloids mentioned above also promote the production of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which enhances memory and attention.

When acetylcholine is optimized, both the formation of new memories (a critical component of studying) and retrieval of old memories (important when applying learned concepts) are improved.

Physical Energy Boost

The physical energy boost that kratom offers results from the stimulating effects of kratom alkaloids on neurotransmitters like epinephrine and norepinephrine, among others.

Feeling more physically alert and awake is an age-old method of boosting both cognitive and physical productivity.


Kratom interacts with the dopamine system, which is involved in regulating our attention spans and motivation. It achieves this through a system of cues and rewards.

When we do something that benefits us in some way (such as eating food), dopamine is released, causing a sudden, transient feeling of euphoria. The brain loves this feeling and will try and make it happen again by repeating the process.

Motivation works off similar principles. If we can get the brain to release dopamine while we’re working on something, the hit of dopamine will make is much easier to remain focused for extended periods of time.

Kratom can help with this by priming the dopaminergic neurons to fire more easily. Small accomplishments while working or studying (such as finishing a paragraph or answering a question correctly) are enough to cause the release of dopamine. The result is long, steady states of motivation during activities we may otherwise find boring.

How to Achieve Optimal Results with Kratom

When taken on its own, the best kratom for energy and focus should be enough to reinvigorate you.

However, you may want to take your experience with this herb to the next level.

There are several ways to achieve faster and more powerful results:

Add More Magnesium to Your Diet

Magnesium is well-known for reducing a person’s tolerance to kratom. If you add magnesium to your diet, this herb will have a stronger energizing effect on your body.

However, you can’t consume magnesium one time and expect it to start working its magic. You’ll need to incorporate it as a regular part of your diet. Incorporate magnesium into your routine by taking supplement pills or eating magnesium heavy-foods like almonds, cashews, and black-eyed peas.

Drink a Cup of Orange Juice

Drinking a cup of orange juice is one of the easiest and most popular ways to boost kratom’s stimulating effects. Simply drink one cup of juice alongside your kratom. If you’re not a fan of OJ, you can substitute it for any citric juice like lemonade or grapefruit juice.

If you take your kratom as tea, add a squeeze of lemon to your cup to induce more powerful effects.

Consume Black Pepper and Turmeric

This one may seem a little strange, but hear us out. An hour before you take your kratom, consume black pepper and turmeric together in a smoothie or on top of roasted vegetables.

The black pepper will increase the availability of turmeric’s main compound called curcumin.

The increased amount of curcumin will reduce your tolerance for kratom and let you feel its energizing effects as if you were taking it for the first time.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Dosage

When it comes to taking the best kratom for energy and focus, you must monitor your doses of kratom capsules and powders.

Every user will react differently to each strain. You may feel more energized from one dosage, while a friend may feel more relaxed but still focused with the same dosage.

Always start small and increase your dosage as you become more familiar with how a strain affects your body.

Where to Buy the Best Kratom for Energy & Focus

If you want to buy the best kratom for energy and focus, don’t be so quick to trust just any in-person or online shop.

Shopping for kratom at a local establishment is a speculative endeavor. You will risk purchasing low-quality products from unspecialized sellers.

Your best bet is to shop for kratom online. However, not all online vendors are ideal to use. Some don’t have the best intentions in mind and will sell buyers sub-par products to profit.

To save you some time reading through many online reviews, we have researched the Internet’s best online kratom sellers and assembled a list of our top three. All three have approval from the American Kratom Association (AKA) and third-party lab test their products.

Learn more about these top vendors for kratom and why they stand out from the rest:

Kona Kratom

Product image of Kona Kratom All Strains Color Lineup

No matter if you’re a new or seasoned kratom user, Kona Kratom has a solid selection for you to browse. It specializes in strains that originate in Southeast Asia, so you will always receive native-grown kratom. It sells some of the best kratom for energy and focus, including the White Borneo and White Maeng Da strains.

Your wallet will thank you for shopping with this vendor, as its products are very reasonably priced.

Kona is certified with the AKA, so you know it provides high-quality products every time.

Key Points

  • Undergoes third-party testing
  • Member of the AKA
  • Has relationships with harvesters throughout Southeast Asia
  • Vast selection at affordable prices

Star Kratom

Product image of Star Kratom All Strains Color Lineup

Star Kratom maintains a diverse selection you’ll never grow bored with.

Star Kratom has a lot to offer in terms of customer support. If you are disappointed by any aspect of your purchase, the vendor will offer a full money-back guarantee for your convenience.

Plus, Star Kratom ensures that your order will arrive quickly. This vendor makes several drop-offs per day, so your shipment will go out for delivery quickly.

Key Points

  • Family-owned operation
  • Undergoes third-party product testing
  • Member of the AKA
  • Diverse product selection
  • Fast shipping
  • Great money-back guarantee

VIP Kratom

Product Image of VIP Kratom All Strains Color Products Lineup

When it comes to using kratom for energy and focus, you should ensure you receive a high-quality product. Otherwise, you won’t have the energy you need to get through your day.

To receive some of the most authentic products on the market, be sure to shop with VIP Kratom. This vendor specializes in offering premium products no matter what strain or form you add to your cart. VIP Kratom’s section is a bit narrow, but everything we’ve ordered has been first-rate.

Key Points

  • Undergoes third-party testing
  • Member of the AKA
  • Small product lineup, but everything is first-rate
  • Incredibly potent products
  • Sells several rare strains that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Focuses on providing premium kratom

Summary: Using Kratom for Focus & Energy

When you take the milder white and green varieties of kratom, you will notice some increase in your focus and energy levels. However, use the strains we’ve included in this guide for the best results.

Both White and Green Maeng Da work as stimulants, though the white variety is a more potent energy booster. White Borneo will provide you with a heightened sense of mental clarity and contentment, while Green Indo offers a well-rounded balance of stimulation and pain relief.

All these strains can provide you with the energy and focus you need. Learn what strains work for you by trying out kratom products from the three vendors we discussed above. As long as you use kratom and its stimulative properties responsibly, you should notice an improvement in your energy levels and focus.

Nina created following the birth of her second child. She was a science and math teacher for 6 years prior to becoming a parent — teaching in schools in White Plains, New York and later in Paterson, New Jersey.