Best Vendors to Buy Enhanced Kratom Extract From (2023 Review)

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Written by Livvy Ashton | Last updated: January 9, 2023

People have been using kratom for centuries in both leaf and powder forms. However, extracts are a relatively new way to take the supplement. This form is rapidly gaining popularity among kratom enthusiasts because it is more potent and concentrated than regular powder. As a result, people believe it is more efficient and lasts longer.

Wondering how kratom extract works and where to get it?

Here, we will go over the best places to find kratom extract for sale. Then, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about extract, including how to make it and how to use it.

Our Favorite Vendors to Buy Kratom Extracts for Sale

There are hundreds of online stores to purchase extracts. It can get overwhelming because most vendors claim to have the best products.

That is why we have created a shortlist of our favorite places that offer kratom extract for sale. Here are three of the best vendors for this form.

1. Kona Kratom

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Kona Kratom is a well-known vendor in the world of extracts. Their team has years of experience providing customers with quality and consistency at a reasonable price.

They state on their website that as kratom consumers themselves, they were tired of paying premium prices for low-quality or inconsistent products. It was a big reason why they started a company that has quality and consistent products.

Something that sets Kona apart from the competition is its 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your products for some reason, you can send them back for free.

Kona’s customer service team leaves little to be desired: they are available seven days a week and will answer any question you may have about your new extract.

Kona partners with established farmers to ensure that the extracts are the best on the market. The process starts with harvesting the leaves using traditional curing practices. Then, the team puts each product through rigorous lab testing to ensure they meet their high standards.

Because of their high standards, experience, and unique Southeast Asian strains, Kona is one of the best places to get kratom extract for sale.

2. Star Kratom

Product image of Star Kratom All Strains Color Lineup

Star Kratom specializes in liquid kratom and provides some of the best and most rigorously lab-tested liquid tinctures on the market. However, Star also carries quality tinctures, capsules, and powders.

The American Kratom Association approves Star, a distinction that not many vendors can claim. It offers high-quality and 100% organic liquid tincture products at reasonable prices. Its quality control process ensures that you get only the best products.

Star might not be a huge company with a massive online presence, but it is reputable enough to have many positive reviews from happy customers. Users of Star’s products love that the team is kind and transparent with the buying process.

You should consider Star’s kratom extract for sale if you want to support a smaller business with great quality products.

3 . VIP Kratom

Product Image of VIP Kratom All Strains Color Products Lineup

The VIP status in their name isn’t just a gimmick. VIP Kratom only sells products that meet its rigid standards.

Only the best and highest quality extracts will pass their lab tests, which is why this is a great place to find kratom extract for sale.

VIP also does not spend frivolous amounts of money on marketing. It organizes its products online by the strain name, skipping the unnecessary step of naming each product with something “catchy.” The result is a straightforward purchasing process in which you know what you’re getting.

Finally, the customer service: VIP has some of the best customer service and guarantees in the game. You can get free shipping in the United States if you order more than $49.99 from their online shop.

It’s easy to stock up with VIP. Their products are amazingly priced and high-quality. We recommend getting extract from VIP to take advantage of the free shipping.

Kratom Extract Buying Guide

Even after reading about the top three vendors to get kratom extract for sale, you’ll want to know more about extracts and what makes them different than powders, capsules, etc.

Here are some of the most commonly discussed topics when it comes to these extracts.

What Is Kratom Extract?

Kratom extract is a potent, concentrated form of kratom. It is a thick and dark paste that contains a concentration of active compounds.

There are three primary types of extract:

  • Powder extract
  • Tincture
  • Resin

Powder Extract

Powder extract is the most popular and widely available form of extract. It is very potent, easy to make, and simple to store.

You can use powder extract the same way you would use any other kratom powder, but you should be more careful with the dosage. Since it’s much more concentrated, use a much smaller amount.

Liquid Options

Tinctures are an extract that is liquid in form. You take it like you would a CBD oil tincture with a dropper.

Full-spectrum tinctures are available, and they provide a similar experience to kratom leaf powder. However, some tinctures focus only on specific alkaloids, like 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Resin and Concentrates

Resin extract is a dark and shiny lump that looks like tar. Pressed into bricks or pies, it is a super-concentrated form. Bricks are larger than pies, but you can cut them into smaller pieces.

You can take resin by cutting it up and putting it in tea or swallowing it like capsules.

How to Make Kratom Extract

A pile of kratom extract

Did you know you can make kratom extract? Here’s how:

Brewing Kratom Tea

The simplest and most common way to make a kratom extract is by steeping it in water to make kratom tea.

Making tea is a sound way to access kratom’s alkaloids. However, kratom tea isn’t very concentrated. To make it more potent, you could steep it for a long time, but you won’t get the potency offered by other extraction methods.

Creating a Tincture

This method is more labor-intensive than tea, but it does offer a much more concentrated product.

To make a water-based extraction:

  1. Dissolve raw kratom leaves in a mixture of ethanol and water.
  2. Add some citric acid until the mixture has a pH level of 4.
  3. After testing the pH level, shake your mixture vigorously. Leave it in a dark place for 1-2 weeks so it can steep.
  4. After a couple of weeks, strain the mixture to get rid of any extra kratom powder. The remaining product will be your tincture.

Concocting a Resin

Resin kratom extract is a semi-solid substance that is extremely concentrated.

  1. Start by putting the powder extract into water, and mix in lime juice and vinegar. Steep the mixture overnight and let it freeze into a solid.
  2. Put the frozen chunk into boiling water and add more lime juice and vinegar. You want to boil down the mixture so that 25% of the liquid evaporates.
  3. Strain the remaining mixture and allow more liquid to evaporate. When you have a wet powder, simmer with water and lime juice. Repeat this step a second time.
  4. Take the saturated liquid and put it into a baking dish. Then bake at 150-200F to let the water evaporate, and you’ll have your resin.

How to Use Kratom Extract

Kratom extracts and tea

Most of the time, you can use extract the same as you would any other form of kratom. Here, we’ll break down two popular methods of consumption:

Tea, Food, or Capsules

You can use powder extract or resin by adding it to hot drinks or food. The most popular consumption method is tea, in which you can add honey to offset the bitter taste. You also can mix it up into smoothies or food.

To avoid any bitter aftertaste, many people put powder and resin forms in capsules.

Keep in mind that extracts, particularly resin, are very concentrated. You must consider the dosage.

Some powder extract will have a ratio on the packaging. The ratio will indicate how much you should take compared to regular powder.

Sublingual Administration

You can take tinctures the same way you would take CBD oil through a process called sublingual administration. You use a dropper to remove the tincture from the bottle and drop the liquid underneath your tongue.

Putting droplets under your tongue is one of the most efficient ways to consume extract because it goes directly into your bloodstream.

We recommend holding the liquid under your tongue for at least 90 seconds to ensure your body absorbs as much of it as possible. You will experience peak effects of the kratom within 15-20 minutes using this method.

Conclusion — Kratom Extract Reviews

Kratom extract is an efficient way to get your ideal dosage. No matter what form it is in, you can reap the benefits faster and easier than regular powder.

However, finding extract can be difficult because most vendors only sell the powder form. If you want resin or liquid tincture, you might be out of luck with some vendors.

Thankfully, the three vendors we reviewed above provide kratom extract for sale with fair costs and satisfaction guarantees. We recommend purchasing your extract from one of these three vendors because they offer fantastic customer service.

Don’t believe us? Check out reviews of these three vendors to see what other customers had to say about this kratom extract for sale.

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