HBNS.org was merged CFAH.org in 2019 as to combine the resources of our company and streamline our editorial operation.

About HBNS.org

Health Behavior News Service, a resource for the news media and public to find the best and most recent evidence-based scientific research to help people make decisions about their health and health care.

HBNS monitors articles in peer-reviewed journals and research by nonprofit, public- and private-sector producers of systematic evidence reviews. We turn the research into readable, accurate, and useful news stories on health promotion, disease prevention, chronic conditions, and health care services. Registration for this service is free but limited to newspaper, magazine, broadcast, newsletter, freelance, and Internet journalists.

Get to Know CFAH.org

CFAH is your go-to online database for trustworthy, and up-to-date health information. We cover a wide range of topics from living an active lifestyle to buying guides and reviews of natural supplements such as CBD.