How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your System?

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Written by Nina Julia | Last updated: August 24, 2022

You can spend most of your time learning about kratom strains and their unique effects. There’s no shortage of information about the different veins and what you can expect from different doses.

However, you’ll also want to know how long it will stay in your system. The more you know about kratom’s half-life and the factors that influence its longevity in the body, the more accurate your dose will be.

You’ll also be more prepared to pass a drug test. Even though kratom is legal, employers can still look for it when screening a potential employee.

Read to learn how long kratom lasts in the body, and check out some reputable kratom vendors you can purchase from.

How Long Does It Take for Kratom to Take Effect?

When you take kratom, you can expect the effects to start within 10 to 15 minutes. You will feel the effects of a small dose for around two hours. If you take a higher dose, the effects can last for up to eight hours. The strongest feelings of euphoria and relaxation will peak at around the one-and-a-half-hour mark.

As you’ll learn later, eating food can cause kratom to leave your body faster and delay the initial effects.

Half-Life of Kratom

No matter how regularly you plan to use it, you may want to know the answer to, “How long does kratom stay in your system?” Understanding kratom’s half-life is a good starting point.

The half-life of any substance is how long it takes for half of it to leave your body. In general, it takes about four half-lives to rid the body of significant amounts of a substance.

Kratom’s half-life is a little more than 23 hours. So, after roughly a day, a half dosage will be gone from your body. After four days, only about 6% of the original dose will remain in your system. After the fifth day, only a negligible amount of this substance will remain in your body.

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What Influences How Long Kratom Stays in Your System?

While we’ve provided some general guidelines, the amount of time kratom stays in a body will vary from person to person.

Here are several factors that can influence its time in your body:


In general, kratom will stay in your system longer if you’re older. This is a trend with almost any orally-administered substance. Individuals who are older than 65 will have longer half-lives than younger folks due to factors like age-related physical changes and decreased renal function. Damaged kidneys cannot get rid of the body of kratom as easily as a well-functioning set can.


Some people have specific genetic markers that eliminate kratom from the body more slowly or quickly. Certain enzymes can also affect the speed at which kratom is dispelled from the body.

The Food You Eat

Planning on eating a grand fish dinner before taking kratom? You may decrease the amount of time kratom stays in your system. Kratom is just like CBD, when you consume high-fat foods, your body will absorb them faster. This will cause it to reach its maximum concentration levels at a faster rate. Hydration can also affect how long kratom stays in your system. If you drink a lot of water beforehand, you may excrete kratom faster via your urine.

Body Fat

Kratom’s main ingredient is mitragynine and is a “fat-soluble” alkaloid. This means that it stores easily in the body’s fatty tissues and liver. If you have more body fat, kratom is more likely to stick around for longer in your system. A person who has little body fat won’t retain these substances as easily.

These factors aren’t just trends with kratom; they are common with any substance taken orally. Other factors that may affect intake include your metabolic rate and urinary pH.

Does Kratom Show Up in a Drug Test?

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People will often substitute kratom for hard drugs like opioids, especially if they’re going through opiate withdrawal. They believe that kratom won’t show up on drug tests, unlike opioids and other substances.

This is simply not the case.

Indeed, kratom will not show up on many standard drug tests. The SAMHSA-5 is one example of a drug test that won’t detect kratom.

However, this doesn’t mean you’re in the clear for every type of drug test. Some urine and blood tests can detect alkaloids present in kratom.

Learn more about the different types of drug tests and if they can detect kratom:

Detection in Blood Tests

Blood tests are the most accurate way to detect kratom. When performed accurately, a blood test can show the precise concentration of this herb in the bloodstream.

A blood test has one of the shortest detection windows. It’s often present in the blood within minutes of ingestion and can last up to a day.

Organizations will often administer a blood test to determine if a person is currently under the influence. However, kratom’s metabolites may show up in a blood test several days after ingestion if they are long-term or heavy users.

Even though blood tests are the most accurate, they are not the most convenient. They are very invasive when compared to other types of tests. And, blood tests need to be performed by experienced personnel.

An employer, legal professional, or medical staff member would likely choose a urine test over a blood test for convenience.

Detection in Urine Tests

It’s rare for kratom to show up on many standard urine tests. However, a few of the alkaloids present in this herb may show up on select urine tests.

Depending on the type of urine test you undergo, it could detect trace amounts of kratom for a week or longer.

Detection in Saliva Tests

Saliva tests can identify several of the metabolites present in kratom.

However, it is unlikely for someone with the sole intention of detecting kratom to perform a saliva test.

Currently, this substance is legal across most of the United States. Saliva tests are frequently used to detect multiple types of drugs, but they are usually reserved for detecting illegal ones. Because of kratom’s legal status in the U.S., it is unlikely you will have to undergo a saliva test for it.

Detection in Hair Tests

Hair testing is a well-established method to determine if someone is using drugs. Employers and medical personnel can use a hair test to determine if they use one or multiple drugs in combination.

Hair tests are popular because they have some of the longest detection periods. They can detect drug use for up to 3 months since the person last used it.

However, there is little evidence of hair tests being effective at detecting kratom. From what scientists have observed, kratom’s metabolites do not show up in hair follicles.

As time goes on and scientists conduct more research, more effective hair tests may become a new reality.

Detection Via the 10-Panel Drug Test

Because many standard drug tests do not work for kratom, this herbal substance has its own test, called the 10-panel test. It’s very accurate but is seldom used in the workplace and other environments because of its specialized nature. It’s often too expensive or inefficient for a company to administer a test for just one substance.

People need to undergo drug tests for various reasons. These tests are often required to play in organized sports or work at certain organizations. They may also be required as part of a court case or police investigation. If you take kratom, know that it may show up in a drug test depending on the type of test you are asked to undergo.

Because this herbal substance can show up on a drug test, you should use it responsibly.

Top Kratom Vendors to Buy From

Are you looking to try kratom for yourself? Not every vendor is reputable and sells high-quality products.

You need to be conscious of which vendor you buy from. If you don’t do your research, you could end up with an ineffective or potentially dangerous substance. This could also impact how long kratom lasts in your system.

Let’s introduce you to the top vendors you should consider buying from.

1. Kona Kratom

Product image of Kona Kratom All Strains Color Lineup

Kona Kratom is one of the most customer-friendly vendors to use. It always strives to offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

One of the unique things about Kona is that it focuses on offering different variants from Southeast Asia. This means that you’ll always know where your kratom is coming from. You won’t have to risk receiving low-quality herbs from different regions.

Even though Kona has a niche selection of products, there is still a lot to explore. You can opt for the well-known Malay and Borneo strains if you want to stick with what you’re familiar with. Or, you can choose from the Maeng Da or horned strains to step outside your comfort zone.

We doubt you’ll have any issues when you order from this company. However, if you do, you can rest assured. Kona has a great money-back guarantee in place, so you can get your funds back if the product’s quality isn’t up to par.

Kona also offers free U.S. shipping, so you won’t have to drop any extra money on delivery fees. All you’ll be paying for is a high-quality product.

2. Star Kratom

Product image of Star Kratom All Strains Color Lineup

If you’ve consumed kratom before, you are probably most familiar with this in capsule or powder form. However, Star Kratom offers an alternative way of taking this herb — liquid kratom products.

Everything is tested by third-party labs, so you can rest assured that it produces high-quality products.

Some kratom users are concerned with the environmental impact their consumption habits have. When you buy from Star Kratom, you can be an environmentally-conscious consumer. This vendor grows and processes all of its liquid products organically. It never resorts to using herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs.

Star Kratom has a diverse lineup of products. It has eight different labels to choose from, so you are sure to find a product you will love. Another good thing about this company is that we have found its prices to be very affordable no matter which label you decide to buy.

Be good to the environment (and your wallet) by purchasing from Star Kratom.

3. VIP Kratom

Product Image of VIP Kratom All Strains Color Products Lineup

VIP Kratom is one of the best vendors to buy from if you’re a new consumer. This vendor’s distinct qualifying factor ensures each strain is of high quality.

The team clearly lists all its available strains on its website. None of the strains have fancy names; the only descriptions they have are the strains themselves. This way, you won’t have to ponder over clever or deceitful marketing tactics. With this vendor, you can get straight to the point with any purchase you make.

Interested in trying VIP’s products but don’t want to pay for shipping? You won’t have to for orders that are over $50. If you’re a U.S. customer, make sure you take advantage of this great deal.

Conclusion — How Long Does Kratom Stay In The System?

Overall, kratom is a fast-acting alternative medicine that will work for you in a few hours. However, keep in mind that the time it takes to kick in depends on several factors, including age, genetics, body fat, and the food you eat.

You’ll also need an online vendor that offers quality products. Otherwise, you could receive kratom that lasts a shorter or longer period than expected. We recommend researching our top three vendors to learn more about kratom’s effectiveness and how long a strain will last. You can’t go wrong with either Kona Kratom, Star Kratom, or VIP Kratom. Their teams are always available to answer more questions about how long this substance lasts in the body.

If you plan to pass a drug test while using kratom, know that blood detection is the most accurate. While a urine test is least likely to detect kratom, it’s still possible.

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