Red Dragon Kratom – Strain Information, Effects, & Review

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Written by Nina Julia | Last updated: October 6, 2022

Originally a native plant of Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia, kratom has become something of a global sensation. Many people view it as an herbal alternative to pharmaceutical medications. One of the popular strains of this magical plant is Red Dragon kratom.

Often seen as the more expensive version of Red Thai kratom, this strain is renowned for its caffeine-like properties. If you want a natural way to boost your mental sharpness while also feeling the benefits of pain relief and even muscle relaxation, Red Dragon kratom could be the strain you’ve been seeking.

Read on to learn more about Red Dragon kratom, its benefits, and the recommended dosage. We also share information on where you can reliably buy kratom online.

What Is Red Dragon Kratom?

Red Dragon is a new kratom strain that has garnered lots of popularity in a short while. It is an excellent stimulant and pick-me-up herbal fix, contributing to its fame.

The leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa produce the Red Dragon kratom strain. It is a herb found in the tropical jungles of Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries. These locations’ soil composition means this strain contains high levels of mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine.

The combination of these alkaloids makes Red Dragon one of the most potent strains out there.

Moreover, this unique strain is the product of a delicate production process. Farmers and expert growers first hand-pluck the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa once they are mature. The leaves then undergo a unique drying process that results in a dark-red colored strain. Red Dragon kratom is a natural pain and stress reliever with a reddish tint that embodies its name.

What Does Red Dragon Kratom Do?

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The effects of the Red Dragon depend on your body chemistry. So, your experience with the Dragon kratom strain might differ from someone else. The results can also differ if you ingest Dragon kratom on an empty stomach or in large quantities. You’ll likely begin to feel its benefits in thirty minutes, and the effects can last for about five hours.

Here are the most common benefits of taking Red Dragon kratom:

Energy Booster

The caffeine-like property of Red Dragon kratom makes it an effective stimulant for the mind and body. When ingested, the user feels physically motivated and mentally alert. This effect, in turn, leads to better performance at work due to better cognitive abilities.

The Red Dragon strain has caffeine-like stimulating and energizing properties. It’s a reliable choice for anyone who wants an instant energy boost at work or needs to get the brain cells up and running after a nap.

Individuals who work in physically demanding roles, such as construction workers, will find Red Dragon useful mostly as its effects don’t wear off for about five hours. Anecdotally, athletes and working professionals have used this strain to stay energized during grueling training or workdays.

Red Dragon kratom leaves users feeling mentally and physically alert, refreshed, and confident. If you are looking for an early morning boost that leaves you chirpy and ready to slay your dragons, the Dragon strain is a great choice.

Sedative Effects

If you are battling insomnia, the 9-hydroxycorynantheidine alkaloid is a heavy hitter in terms of sedation. Once ingested, this particular alkaloid acts speedily to check any sleep inhibitors and lulls your body and mind into slumber.

Dragon Kratom achieves this by sedating and relaxing the brain nerves and cells. By the time you are dozing off, your mind is in peace and tranquility. This strain lets you have a deep quality sleep.

It also acts as a muscle relaxant, which further prepares your body and mind for deep sleep. Users claim they wake up refreshed and energized. The Red Dragon strain is an excellent option if you are looking for a herbal alternative to prescription medications for insomnia.

Stress Relief

Dragon kratom is rich in over 100 alkaloids — over 25% of them are beneficial to your brain receptors. These alkaloids affect the brain and bodily functions by relaxing muscles and nerves, leading to better sleep and a state of restfulness.

Users have told anecdotes of Malaysian laborers who chewed Red Dragon strain leaves to relax and sleep after a hard day’s work. If you are looking to relieve stress, especially after a long and hard day, Red Dragon kratom is the go-to option.

Inflammation & Pain Reliever

The Red Dragon kratom strain contains high levels of mitragynine. This alkaloid is excellent at reducing inflammation as it combines with the same opioid receptors as an opiate to reduce inflammation and pain. However, Red Dragon — and kratom in general — is less addictive and far safer than opioids.

Because of this interaction with the opioid system, Red Dragon is effective at tackling mild and chronic pain and is very similar to Red Bali kratom in this regard.

Red Dragon’s pain-relieving effects are more potent than some other red strains due to the presence of the 9-hydroxycorynantheidine alkaloid. It is excellent for managing the symptoms of diseases such as:

  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

It is also useful in managing pain due to hard labor or a long day in the office. You can also use it to manage muscle soreness after a marathon or an extremely stressful workout.

Relieve Depression

Depression and other related disorders can leave you feeling anxious, nervous, and jittery. The Red Dragon strain eases mental tension and nervousness. It also induces calmness, making it easier to combat depressive thoughts and go about your normal daily functions.

Red Dragon Kratom Dosage

Most people make the erroneous assumption that natural products have no detrimental effects because they are natural. This sort of belief sets a dangerous precedent as they tend to throw caution to the wind when consuming natural products. With kratom strains and every other natural product, you must exercise some caution with the doses you take at all times.

Every individual has varying tolerance levels for kratom. Before starting a Red Dragon dosage, you should consider your weight and eating habits, as these affect how the body handles its effects.

However, it’s best to start with the lowest dosage available. Most users start with 2 grams. That way, you’ll be able to monitor how your body reacts to the Red Dragon kratom strain. You can then gradually increase your intake.

For First-Timers

If this is your first time taking kratom, you should keep your first dose between two to three grams, but eat a light meal first.

Depending on your body, two to three grams should be enough to get you feeling the effects of the Red Dragon strain. You might need higher doses if you are taking it for pain relief.

Some users have reported feelings of nausea within a couple of minutes of taking kratom. This sensation is normal, and the feelings go away quickly. Use less next time to see to avoid stomach upset.

Increasing Your Dosage

In some instances, two or three grams might not have the required effect. If that’s the case, you can increase it half a gram at a time. Take the additional dosage one hour after taking the initial dose.

It’s risky to take additional doses quickly, as you can easily overdose on kratom. Red Dragon kratom is quite potent, and you should start feeling its effects in no time. So before you consume an additional amount, give it some time.

Dosage for Stress Relief

The best dosage for stress relief and anxiety attacks is 6 grams. You’ll probably fall asleep after taking it, so make sure you aren’t driving or handling any dangerous machinery.

If this is your first time, it’s best you start with 5 grams and gradually increase your intake by 0.25 grams. Make sure you note the effects of the higher dosages.

Dosage for Pain Relief

For pain relief, you will require higher doses of the Red Dragon strain. The reason is that this strain is more of a stimulant than a pain reliever.

You can take quantities greater than 6 grams to get instant pain relief. Side effects include drowsiness, so make sure you aren’t driving.

Dosage for Energy, Motivation, and Focus

The Red Dragon strain performs admirably as a stimulant and energizer. A dose of 2 grams should be able to get you going.

At increased dosages, you’ll experience euphoria, calmness, and a state of tranquility that lulls you to slumber.

Dosing and Potential Risks

Overall, users have reported no side effects from consuming the Red Dragon strain. However, an overdose or misuse is another matter entirely. When an individual overdoses on the Red Dragon, a combination of some or all of the following might occur:

  • Consistent jitters and insomnia
  • Feelings of nausea and dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Heart palpitations
  • Loose bowels or diarrhea
  • Sweats
  • Shaky fingers and tremors

These symptoms are often short-term and rarely result in significant or long-term health issues. However, that doesn’t give you the leeway to overdo it. Your body might react differently.

Take only the required amount and at the required dosage. If you overdose and experience any of these symptoms, contact your primary health care provider or call 911 immediately for assistance.

Best Places to Buy Red Dragon Kratom for Sale

We’ve vetted numerous online kratom vendors, looking at factors such as product variety, approval from the American Kratom Association, and buyer experience. Here, you can find the best suppliers of Red Dragon kratom.

Kona Kratom

Product image of Kona Kratom All Strains Color Lineup

Kona Kratom is an online store focusing on a wide range of high-quality Southeast Asian Kratom variants. They also sell at affordable prices. And you can find your favorite kratom strain with a selection ranging from the famous Maeng da to Malay Kratom strains. Plus, they have free shipping to the United States. If you purchase a product and discover it isn’t what you want, you can get a refund instantly, as all their products come with a reliable money-back guarantee.

Star Kratom

Product image of Star Kratom All Strains Color Lineup

Powder and capsules are the most popular forms you’ll find Kratom in most stores. However, some users prefer the liquid state. If that’s you, Star Kratom is renowned for its selection of Kratom liquid extracts. They are an American Kratom Association-approved vendor and stock 100% organic Kratom products. While their product range is a tad limited, their prices are quite reasonable.

VIP Kratom

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VIP Kratom is famous for its exceptional quality strains. They are devoid of marketing speak and are quite direct in communicating the benefits of kratom strains. They categorize their exclusive selection by the kratom strain, not the brand — so you are clear if you are buying a red-veined kratom strain or a white-veined strain. You also get free shipping to the U.S on orders over $49.99.

Final Thoughts: Red Dragon Kratom

Red Dragon kratom is an all-purpose kratom strain. Its versatility lends to its popularity as almost anyone will find it beneficial. It can induce anything from enhanced concentration and clarity to muscle relaxation, pain relief, and even deep sleep. However, the effects you experience when using this strain will depend on the strain and dosage.

Make sure you take the right amount at all times. It’s best to start with 2 grams and gradually increase your intake while monitoring how your body responds. The side effects of overdosage can be discomforting, and you want to avoid going through that as much as possible.

The best thing about Red Dragon is it’s long-lasting, so you can enjoy its effects for a long time once you identify the right dosage for you. It’s a must-have for every individual dealing with pain or looking for a stimulant. With the vendors we’ve listed above, you can easily find a reliable source for your supply of Red Dragon kratom.

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