White Borneo Kratom – Strain Information, Effects, & Review

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Written by Livvy Ashton | Last updated: October 6, 2022

Life can be stressful, challenging, and even exhausting sometimes. Everyone has their way of dealing with the stresses of life, and for many, that outlet is kratom.

White Borneo kratom is often the strain of choice for life’s challenging moments for those who know a thing or two about kratom and all it offers.

A remedy for many issues since the 19th century, White Borneo kratom has a calming but uplifting effect on its users. This herbal supplement has grown in popularity over recent years, so it’s no surprise that more people are learning about the powers of this natural substance. If you don’t like the shakiness, anxiety, or energy crashes that coffee brings, White Borneo may be a better fit.

Interested in getting your hands on the best White Borneo kratom but don’t know where to source it or how much to use? You’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’re sharing more about White Borneo kratom and its effects, dosage, and the best retailers. Soon enough, you’ll be relaxed but alert enough for whatever life throws at you.

What Is White Borneo Kratom?

If you’re new to White Borneo kratom, you might not be familiar with Borneo strains and what makes them different. Borneo kratom is known for its stress and pain relief abilities while also boosting mood and providing a burst of energy.

Different Kratom Vein Colors

There are three types, red, green, and white veins; all of which offer different effects:

Red Vein

Red vein variations occur with different drying methods and duration, and their effects are powerful. Expect an experience that lasts between four and six hours. This varietal is the most commonly used strain for pain relief and potency.

Green Vein

The green vein first brings an uplifting effect, followed by an analgesic sedative effect. The Green vein has little to no side effects, even at high doses.

White Vein

The white vein falls in the middle of the spectrum, holding properties from both red and green. We’ll discuss this strain in more detail throughout this guide.

White Borneo Properties

Image of White Borneo Kratom Leaf Benefits

As you can see from the above, each strain has its own set of benefits and effects. So, what is white Borneo, and what are its various uses?

White Borneo is identifiable by its white veins running through the middle of the plant’s leaves. This specific strain is known for its ability to boost energy, lengthen endurance, and improve concentration.

For these reasons, White Borneo is ideal for helping you get through a hard day with energy and focus. Red and green are better suited for those who are looking to relax without sedation. However, turn to white for an energy kick. Many people say it works in a way similar to coffee, which makes it especially popular. Its accessibility is another reason why it is so loved.

It provides these similar effects to coffee:

  • Alertness
  • Sharpened mental functions
  • Reduced fatigue

However, it also provides these effects, which you will not find in coffee:

What’s even better is White Borneo does not possess any of the drawbacks of coffee. Don’t waste time and money on brewing beans every week. Instead, have a small dose of White Borneo and expect the energy boost you need to work hard.

What Does White Borneo Kratom Do?

If you’re looking for an herbal alternative to coffee without the jitters, digestion trouble, or crash, you’ll want to learn more about the powers of this particular strain.

Here’s what you can expect.

Combination of Both Energizing and Relaxing Effects

White Borneo kratom is known for both its energizing and relaxing effects. Similar to a cup of coffee without caffeine, White Borneo will give you the energy and concentration you need to get through a long day of work.

While some people get anxiety from coffee, you won’t get that here. Instead, it provides clear-headed energy without the crash or shakiness because it also provides a level of calmness and relaxation.

Good for Depression or Anxiety

White Borneo can also be useful for those with depression or anxiety. This strain is an instant mood booster and provides uplifting effects without the negative aspects of other stimulants. Thus, it provides energy in a more calm, stable manner.

If you need an extra push of motivation to get out of bed in the morning, this is a great solution. If you need something to help you wind down productively after work, White Borneo is also a good option for that.

A Professional’s Kratom Strain

Some may say that White Borneo is a professional’s strain in that it gives the user a steady stream of energy without any manic effects.

At the same time, it can be soothing but not sedating. You can easily take your dose of White Borneo in the morning and get through a long day of work more productive, happy, and calm than ever.

Balancing Out Red Kratom Strains

This strain can also be great for balancing out other kratom varieties, especially red strains. If you use a red that feels too potent, try a little of the White Borneo to balance the effects out.

It’s also more potent than green. If you’ve been ordering Green Borneo, but you’re ready to kick up the energy boost a notch, it’s time to switch to White Borneo.

White Borneo Kratom Dosage

Image of White Borneo Kratom Dosage and Benefits

Dosage plays a significant role in this substance’s effects on the body. It also influences how long these effects will last. The higher the dose, the stronger the results, and the longer it will last.

Beginners, beware, and always start with the lowest recommended dose. You can work your way up to the amount that feels right for you, but you should always start small and work your way up.

The “perfect dose” isn’t just one figure. This amount is determined based on the following conditions:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body fat
  • Metabolism
  • Diet
  • Mental health

The quality of the product also matters, as well as your previous experience with kratom.

Dosage by Familiarity

Unique factors will affect the dosage that’s right for your body. However, it’s wise to follow these general guidelines for White Borneo kratom dosage:

Beginners should start with a dose somewhere between one and two grams. This small amount will allow you to feel the strain’s effects and decide if it is too much or if you could use a bit more potency.

Regular kratom users or those familiar with this strain can take a dosage between three and six grams and stay in the safe zone.

Those with high tolerance or users who prefer a more potent effect can use six or more grams at a time.

If you have a bad experience at any of these levels, drop your dosage next time. Only increase your dosage if you feel good on the lower dose but crave more of the potency.

Ideally, you should not exceed the daily amount of five grams per day for the average user. Five grams is a good baseline to start with, and you can always increase the dose as you become more familiar with the substance and how it affects your body.

Dosage by Desired Effects

Another way to find the right dosage is by the desired effect you wish to achieve. The most powerful effects of White Borneo kratom include increased focus, stress relief, and pain relief. To achieve each of these effects, you’ll need a different dosage.

To Increase Your Energy and Sharpen Your Mental Focus

You should keep your dosage between three and six grams per day to maintain mental clarity. Again, start low and add more as you become more confident in how it affects you. You may also increase the effects without increasing the dosage by mixing the powder with citrus juice like orange juice or grapefruit juice.

To Reduce Stress and Bring about Relaxation

You can up your dose somewhere between seven and nine grams per day if you want to achieve a relaxing calm. It is a high dose, so ideally, you’ll already be familiar with this level of potency before trying it. At this level, you’ll begin to feel euphoric and relaxed more than anything else.

To Ease Discomfort Due to Chronic Pain

You may take seven to ten grams per day to deal with chronic pain. You may want to sleep once you start feeling the effects, and that’s fine. Just make sure you’re somewhere safe, and you do not operate any machinery.

Best Places to Buy White Borneo Kratom for Sale

White Borneo kratom is a jack of all trades and the perfect middle ground between the red and green varieties. Whether you need uplifting energy and sharpened focus, stress relief and relaxation, or sedation and pain relief, you can get all of these effects depending on your dosage.

Regardless of why you want to try White Borneo kratom, it would be best to make sure you’re purchasing it from a reputable retailer.

There are many shady retailers of kratom online, so we’d like to share our top three favorite sites that we’ve vetted. You’ll save time looking and be confident that you’re getting kratom from a merchant you trust.

Kona Kratom

Product image of Kona Kratom White Strains Lineup

Kona Kratom specializes in all Southeast Asian kratom variants, including White Borneo kratom. Kona’s primary focus is offering high-quality kratom products at approachable prices.

It also prides itself on having a wide range of inventory. Whether you’re looking for the more common strains like White Borneo or would like to find something niche like the many horned kratom strains, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on Kona Kratom’s site.

Kona is proud to offer its customers free shipping to the U.S. as well as a money-back guarantee, which makes the first purchase much less stressful. If you don’t like it, don’t worry. You can send it back and get a full refund for the product.

However, we’ve vetted this site personally and feel you’ll be happy with purchases from Kona.

Star Kratom

Product image of Star Kratom All Strains Color Lineup

Another good spot to get kratom online is Star Kratom. Even the most experienced kratom users haven’t tried liquid products, which is Star’s specialty. Shop here if the idea of pouring your White Borneo into your favorite smoothie sounds more appealing than powder or capsules.

Star Kratom is approved by the American Kratom Association, reassuring you that their products are high-quality. All of their liquid products are also 100% organic. You never have to worry about any unpleasant side effects from pesticides used on the plants.

Check out the great variety and reasonable prices of Star if you prefer a liquid dose.

VIP Kratom

Product image of VIP Kratom White Strains Lineup

VIP Kratom keeps exceptionally high standards for the kratom it sells on its site. This vendor not only boasts a commitment to quality kratom from Southeast Asian suppliers; they also prioritize customer satisfaction and transparency. You won’t find any unusual names for its products online. You can shop by strain name, so you always know exactly what exactly you’re ordering.

With VIP, there’s little marketing fluff. Visit the site and get the essential information you need to find the best White Borneo. All orders on VIP Kratom over $49.99 come with free shipping, so keep that in mind while you browse.

Conclusion — What is White Borneo Kratom?

White Borneo kratom is a strain for the masses — not only does it provide focus, energy, and clarity, but it also calms the spirit and provides some much-needed relaxation from the daily stressors of life. It’s the middle ground between the potent white and mild green varieties.

If you’re not a coffee person, but you want something to help start or end your day on an uplifting, productive note, White Borneo kratom is the perfect alternative.

To get the best quality White Borneo kratom, stick to the three vendors we suggested above. We have personally vetted these sites, so there should be no hesitation about whether their products are safe, trusted, and high-quality. You’ll feel the difference immediately.

Livvy is a registered nurse (RN) and board-certified nurse midwife (CNM) in the state of New Jersey. After giving birth to her newborn daughter, Livvy stepped down from her full-time position at the Children’s Hospital of New Jersey. This gave her the opportunity to spend more time writing articles on all topics related to pregnancy and prenatal care.