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Amy Berman is a program officer for the John A. Hartford Foundation (@JHARTFOUND). She heads the Foundation's Integrating and Improving Services portfolio, focusing on the development and dissemination of innovative, cost-effective models of care that improve health outcomes for older adults. More of Amy's posts chronicling her health and care since she was diagnosed with Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer can be found on the Hartford's Health AGEnda blog. You can also follow her on Twitter at @NotesOnNursing.

Amy Berman and Health Affairs Remember Jessie Gruman

Amy Berman | August 18, 2014
Jessie was a hero to patients, families, and health care providers for her selfless work to help people better understand their role and responsibilities in supporting their own health. Her legacy is indelible...

Expecting Great Beginnings – and Endings

Amy Berman | September 23, 2013
It tickles me to report that I live with incurable cancer and I am expecting. I am expecting that the cancer will take its toll, that I will need to make choices about my health and care, that I will need the support of my family and that I will need resources.

Our Caregiver Reality Check

Amy Berman | November 1, 2012
Who cares for our ill, our aged, our vulnerable? Is it physicians, nurses, social workers, aides? Or is it perhaps another member of the health care team? The largest portion of health care is delivered by families.

Think Silver Not Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Amy Berman | November 1, 2011
Because cancer is primarily a disease of aging, we shouldn't be thinking pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month'we should be thinking silver.

Guest Blog: Can the Blind Lead the Seeing?

Amy Berman | August 1, 2011
Many of you know that eight months ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer, which has spread to my spine. My incurable diagnosis means that I live with a chronic disease, just like millions of older adults.

Guest Blog: Making Hard Decisions Easier

Amy Berman | June 13, 2011
Shortly after I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer a scan showed a hot spot on my lower spine. Was it the spread of cancer? My oncologist scheduled a bone biopsy at my hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, in order for us to find out.

Guest Blog: Death Panels and Decision Making: A Radio Interview

Amy Berman | April 15, 2011
Diana Mason, former editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Nursing, interviews Program Officer at The John A. Hartford Foundation, Amy Berman, and The New York Times blogger and nurse, Theresa Brown. Amy Berman was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer earlier this year, and in this interview, she says, 'Nothing was off limits.'

I'm Dying To Know

Amy Berman | February 24, 2011
In some ways, I consider myself lucky. I know this is a strange comment from someone diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. I say this, though, because the first steps on my journey with end-stage cancer were undertaken with the help of a team of health care professionals who excelled not only in medicine, but also in communication.|

Can Good Care Produce Bad Health?

Amy Berman | February 15, 2011
For those of you who haven't yet heard, I have recently been diagnosed with Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer. This rare form of breast cancer is known for its rapid spread. True to form, it has metastasized to my spine. This means my time is limited. As a nurse, I knew it from the moment I saw a reddened spot on my breast and recognized it for what it was.