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Angela Ostrom is the Director of Federal Relations for The Epilepsy Foundation of America®’s Legal and Government Affairs Department. She has been at the Foundation for four years and has worked in the patient advocacy and public policy arena for over ten years. Prior to joining the Epilepsy Foundation, she was Assistant Director of Advocacy for the National Osteoporosis Society and worked for over five years at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as Senior Director of Public Policy & Advocacy Research.

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Angela Ostrom of the Epilepsy Foundation of America®

Angela Ostrom | November 29, 2012
Epilepsy is a complex disease. An optimal quality of life and seizure control for the person with epilepsy – so that they can be a fully productive member of society – is our goal. Our main concern about CER and our constituents is that one treatment may provide a high quality of life with seizure control and few side effects for many but not for all patients.