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Ann Fonfa, President and Founder of the Annie Appleseed Project, was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 1993. She explored alternative therapies and started a study group on complementary approaches in New York City. From summaries of the 60 or so meetings this group held, Ann created The Annie Appleseed Project website in June 1999. It is now a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation serving 85,000 people monthly via the Internet. Ann has participated in several hundred scientific, medical, research and advocacy meetings since 1995.

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Ann Fonfa, President and Founder of the Annie Appleseed Project

Ann Fonfa | March 6, 2013
To me it’s obvious that Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) is a good way to get to meaningful patient outcomes. It compares real things that will make a difference. Right now we have efficacy without effect. In my field we are worried about drug-herb interactions; what about drug-drug interactions? I’m looking forward to CER really drilling down to what works for patients in a meaningful way.