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Arthur Levin is Director of the Center for Medical Consumers, a New York City based non-profit organization committed to patient rights, patient safety, and evidence-based, high-quality medicine and transparency. Mr. Levin was a member of the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on the Quality of Health Care that published “To Err is Human” and “Crossing the Quality Chasm” reports. He has an MPH from Columbia University School of Public Health.

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Arthur Levin of the Center for Medical Consumers

Arthur Levin | November 7, 2012
We're trying to figure out if CER is just more of the same. Health policy has a love affair with old wine in new bottles, that is, rebranding old solutions with new acronyms. Because patient-centered care and engagement are fashionable at the moment, is PCOR merely a way to dress up CER to be more exciting and attractive (or palatable)?