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David Mayer, MD, is vice president of Quality and Safety for MedStar Health, overseeing the infrastructure for clinical quality and its operational efficiency for MedStar and each of its entities. Dr. Mayer also designs and directs systemwide activity for patient safety and risk reduction programs. Previously, he held numerous roles at the University of Illinois Medical Center including co-executive director of the UIC Institute for Patient Safety Excellence (full bio here). You can find more of his writings on the Educate the Young blog.

Preventing Medical Harm: Alyssa's Story

David Mayer | May 29, 2014
Carole Hemmelgarn is a hero. In the video that follows, Carole poignantly shares her daughter Alyssa's story, and why their family's loss has been the driving force behind the change Carole is fighting for: the delivery of safer care for all patients and families...