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Davis Liu, M.D., is a practicing board-certified family physician with the Permanente Medical Group in Northern California since 2000 and is the author of The Thrifty Patient – Vital Insider Tips to Save Money (2012) and Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely – Making Intelligent Choices in America’s Healthcare System (2008). Dr. Liu writes about transforming the health care system, educating patients to make smart choices, and the importance of physician leadership in improving the health care system. For more from Dr. Liu, check out his blog or follow him on Twitter at @davisliumd.

Why This Family Doctor Blogs and Writes

Davis Liu | July 18, 2013
As a doctor, I am compelled to write because of what I know is occurring with alarming frequency in our country. Americans are skipping needed and recommended care that could save their lives and allow them to live to their fullest. Patients are more distracted, as life is more complicated and busier than ever. Households have both parents working, sometimes two jobs, just to make ends meet.

The Limits of Consumer Driven Health Care – A Trip to the Car Mechanic

Davis Liu | July 8, 2013
As health care becomes increasingly unaffordable, many believe quality would improve and costs would decrease if we treated health care like other consumer-driven markets...If only that were true...