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Jim Jaffe, is a former Congressional staffer who worked on economic, tax and health policy issues for nearly two decades. After leaving the Hill, he led the external relations efforts for the Employee Benefits Research Institute and the Center for Advancing Health.  He currently writes for, a web discussion on public policy and politics and the Huffington Post.   

Reform Is Not To Blame For Rising Health Care Costs

Jim Jaffe | March 7, 2011
In a development so predictable that it hardly merits being called news, American health care costs continue to rise and opponents of the new health reform law say the Obama plan is to blame. Some small employers report massive insurance premium increases.

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Blues And Why

Jim Jaffe | October 21, 2010
Some broad questions about how bad it is to be big are raised by the government's new antitrust suit against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, which allegedly used its market dominance to force hospitals to charge other insurers a third more than the insurance giant paid. One can see how this could help the nonprofit Blues control the market, but it is difficult to determine how this was in the public interest ' or even advantageous to those it was covering.

Could Less Health Care Be Better for Our Health?

Jim Jaffe | October 4, 2010