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Jay M. Tenenbaum (Marty), Ph.D., is the Founder and Chairman of Cancer Commons, a non-profit, open science community that compiles and continually refines information about cancer subtypes and treatments, based on the literature and actual patient outcomes. Dr. Tenenbaum’s own experience with metastatic melanoma taught him much about the need patients and doctors have for information about the treatment of the cancer that is both personalized and actionable. He was educated at MIT and Stanford.

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Marty Tenenbaum, Founder & Chairman of Cancer Commons

Marty Tenenbaum | March 13, 2013
There is a large disparity of information across the medical world. If you consult 6 doctors, you’ll likely get 6 opinions about how to treat your cancer. And 5-year survivals may vary as much as 50%. This is inexcusable.