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Dr. Michael Wasserman is a geriatrician in Woodland Hills, California and cofounder of Senior Care of Colorado. Dr. Wasserman previously was president and chief medical officer for GeriMed of America, a geriatric medical management company in Denver, Colorado. He is past chair of the American Geriatric Society's Managed Care Task Force and presently serves on the Public Policy Committee. He was formerly a public commissioner for the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission. He actively supports the Wish of a Lifetime Foundation and previously served on the Board of the Denver Hospice. You can read more from him on Twitter at @wassdoc or at Altarum.

What Would Mom Want?

Michael Wasserman | June 23, 2014
We've watched it many times on television or in a movie: The patient lies in the intensive care unit, gravely ill, with the family at the bedside. The doctor walks into the room and asks, "What do you want us to do?" and opens up a huge can of worms that is, in fact, ethically incorrect. The first priority that a physician has is to their patient...