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Naomi Freundlich is an award-winning journalist, policy wonk and health advocate with over 25 years of experience writing and thinking about health care, medicine, and the absolute necessity of creating an equitable, affordable and high-quality health care system that offers coverage to all who need it. She blogs at Reforming Health. You can follow her on Twitter @nfreundlich.

Haggling for Health Care

Naomi Freundlich | July 2, 2013
I’m not a big fan of bargaining and my half-hearted attempts to get a better price for a used car, garage sale find or contractor’s service have been mostly unsuccessful. There’s always that nagging feeling that the seller is laughing with delight once I’m gone, thinking, “I really pulled one over on that rube!” And so it has come as somewhat of a shock to me that medical care has become the new garage sale, as far as haggling goes.