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Nora O’Brien-Suric, MA, senior program officer at The John A. Hartford Foundation, trained in the field of gerontology, has a background that ranges from direct, clinical services for older persons, to policy, research, and analysis, Ms. O’Brien-Suric has over twenty years of experience in the field of aging.  More of her posts are on the Hartford health AGEnda blog.

Caring For Loved Ones When Our Best Efforts Aren’t Enough

Nora OBrien Suric | March 18, 2013
How many friends/family members/social workers does it take to change the mind of a frail person? Even if the frail person was/is one of the leading geriatric social workers in the country?

Guest Blog: Confused about Post-Operative Confusion

Nora OBrien Suric | June 9, 2011
Several months ago my 80-year-old father had triple bypass surgery. As any family member would be, my father's wife, my siblings, and I were both worried and hopeful. We were told that the surgeon was the best and my father was in good hands. Afterwards, we were told that the surgery went well. However, one of the night nurses in the coronary care unit reported that my father took a swing at one of the doctors.