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Scott Gavura, BScPhm, MBA, RPh, works in the Ontario cancer system and has a professional interest in improving the cost-effective use of drugs at the population level, primarily focusing on evaluating new drugs.  He is a registered pharmacist in Ontario. He blogs on the Science-Based Pharmacy blog which he describes as “Turning an eye on the profession, separating fact from fiction on both sides of the counter”. This post originally appeared on the Science-Based Medicine blog.

Guest Blog: Adherence: The difference between what is, and what ought to be

Scott Gavura | March 16, 2012
One of the most interesting aspects of working as a community-based pharmacist is the insight you gain into the actual effectiveness of the different health interventions.

Guest Blog: What's All That Other Stuff In My Medicine?

Scott Gavura | October 14, 2011
The perception from many consumers (based on my personal experience) seems to be that products are inferior if they contain non-drug ingredients. By this measure, drug products are problematic...

Guest Blog: Who's to Blame for Drug Shortages?

Scott Gavura | September 6, 2011
All the best efforts to practice science-based medicine are for naught when the optimal treatment is unavailable. And that's increasingly the case ' even for life-threatening illnesses. Shortages of prescription drugs, including cancer drugs, seem more frequent and more significant than at any time in the past.

Good Idea, Bad Execution: Dosing Errors, A Preventable Harm

Scott Gavura | December 15, 2010
Dosing errors are among the most common and most preventable causes of adverse drug events in children. Why? Despite the prevalence of dosing errors, there has been little evidence telling us what health professionals, or parents, can do better. Until now'