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Tracy Granzyk, M.S., is Managing Editor for Educate the Young, and a freelance writer and social media consultant who specializes in healthcare, wellness and sport. She spent 15 years in sales, marketing and global strategy in the biotech industry, and joined David Mayer, M.D., in 2008 as a writer on the award-winning Transparent Health film series where a passion for patient safety took hold. With a graduate degree in sport psychology and an undergraduate degree in non-fiction writing, Tracy is well positioned to take complex science and healthcare information and share it in a narrative form that resonates with audiences coming from all sides of healthcare. She blogs on Educate the Young and you can follow her on Twitter at @tgranz.

Patients Are Waiting to Partner: Invite Them to Participate

Tracy Granzyk | July 30, 2013
In a recent Baltimore Sun piece, healthcare writer Marie McCarren wrote an op-ed providing “A prescription for fewer medical errors” — reflections from an emergency room visit with her husband that later turned into a stay on the intensive care unit. McCarren emphasized the need for healthcare providers to work at clearly communicating the ways in which family members of patients can help make care safer.