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Wendy Lynch, Ph.D., is the Director for Altarum Institute's Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care. Dr. Lynch also runs her own consulting firm and serves as senior scientist at the Health as Human Capital Foundation, which is focused on education and research about economic incentives in health care. Dr. Lynch is a frequent speaker and author, including her book, “Aligning Incentives, Information and Choice.” This piece was originally published on Altarum's Health Policy Forum blog, where Dr. Lynch is a regular contributor. You can find Altarum on Twitter at @Altarum.

Have You SEEN Your Options? Patients Should Make Safe, Effective, Economical, Necessary Choices

Wendy Lynch | October 2, 2014
My friend Jane is quite a perfectionist, at least usually. I was almost certain that if she was having work done on her kitchen, she would be getting competitive bids, asking for references and reviewing vendors. But not for her shoulder surgery. Perhaps we need a concise mantra for what it means to be a health care consumer...

Is the Most Important Prescription for Health Care Consumers a Dose of Healthy Skepticism?

Wendy Lynch | August 5, 2013
Here’s a wonderful idea: patients and providers working together in shared decision-making, accepting and trusting each other’s input. Isn’t that the goal our health care system should strive for? Not so fast.

The Best Health Care Decision is Realizing That There Are Choices

Wendy Lynch | May 2, 2013
Perhaps the most powerful influence we can have in health care is simply acknowledging that we have choices and wondering, out loud, what those might be. Whether or not you plan to do in-depth research about your treatment options, consider asking your doctor three simple questions.