How Long Do Delta 8 THC Carts Last?

How Long Do Delta 8 THC Carts Last Illustration
Written by Nina Julia | Last updated: November 7, 2023

Wondering how long your vape cartridge is going to last? 

While we can make some generalizations, it’s difficult to make an accurate estimate for the number of puffs you’re going to get before you hit bottom. 

In general, 1 gram vape carts provide about 300 hits. 

Of course, this can vary depending on the depth of each draw, the type of heating element used in the device, the battery power, how you care for the device, and even factors like external temperature. 

How Many Puffs in a Delta 8 Vape Cart?

Take good care of your cartridges, and you should get around 300 puffs off of a 1 gram cartridge and half that from a 0.5 gram cartridge. 

A vape cart that doesn’t work right can change that number, though. Caring properly for your vape (and choosing high-quality delta 8 vape carts in the first place) helps you get the most puffs for your money.

The number of puffs you’ll get from a vape cart depends on three factors.

1. Cart Size

Vape cartridges usually come in two sizes, 1 gram or .5 gram. 

Some websites tell you that a 1 gram cartridge can give an average user about 300 puffs. However, that also depends on the voltage, the cartridge type (remember, plastic can leak more than glass and ceramic), whether you have a wick or a wire atomizer, and even how big your puffs are. 

2. Puff Size 

You either inhale or press a button and inhale, but either way, you fill up your lungs. Sounds straightforward, but puff size is different for everyone. 

Someone with a larger lung capacity will get fewer puffs out of their vape cartridge than someone with a smaller lung capacity. Of course, you can go to a pulmonologist and get that measured, but is it worth it? Probably not, especially if you tell the doc why you want to know.

Even if you have a large lung capacity, you may not inhale as deeply as someone else.

3. Cart Care

One of the most important things in getting the best out of your vape cart is taking care of both the pen and cart. This will also help ensure that the vape remains safe.

First, make sure you keep your battery away from high heat, light, and moisture. Batteries that are compromised risk overheating themselves. If you even think your battery has become exposed and may be dangerous, don’t risk it — just get a new one.

Of course, there’s more to it than that, so here are the best ways to make sure that vape equipment is well taken care of.

4. Battery Power (Voltage)

The battery you’re using with your carts can affect the number of puffs you’re getting too. The main thing to look at is the voltage of your battery. Low voltage tends to taste better and last longer but isn’t as potent. Higher voltages are harsher but burn through the contents of the vape more quickly and hit just a little bit harder.  

You will have a lot of choices in battery voltage when shopping from your local delta 8 shops. Usually, it will be between 3.3v and 4.8v, but you may find them as low as 3v. Voltages for the best vape experience range from 3.7v to 4.5v. 

However, as long as you reach the correct vape temperatures (optimal for delta 8 is 347ºF), it should work for most oils regardless of the voltage.

The bottom line on the voltage is that lower voltages create more vapor and retain more flavor. However, they tend to preserve the distillates inside the cart longer (AKA more puffs).  

Higher voltages give more potent hits and pack more of a punch. They also blow through the contents of the cartridge more quickly. 

How to Take Care of Your Vape Cart For Max Puffs

Popular vaping devices over a wood background

You want your vape cart to work well so you can get the most out of it. That means taking care of it. Here are a few tips on keeping it safe and working correctly.

Avoid leaving your cartridge in the following places:

  • The car. Just. Don’t.
  • Anywhere it will get knocked off and fall into the water or onto a hard surface.
  • In a backpack or handbag — buy a good case for it if you have to carry it around like this.
  • Next to the stove or other hot areas.
  • Loose at the beach. Sun, water, sand.’ Nuf said.

The cartridge itself will eventually expire and need to be replaced, usually at around three months. The best thing you can do to keep it in good condition for all 90 days is to store it upright and don’t drop it. 

Remember that cartridges with wicks (and plastic cartridges) tend to leak more, which will reduce the lifespan of your cart considerably.

Tips For Cleaning Your Vape Cartridges

Like most other things in life, prevention is the best approach. Don’t let your cartridge get cold and thicken, and always spend your money on high-quality materials. Low quality only gets you leaks, more clogs due to inferior products and delta 8, and will waste more money than it saves.

Despite your best intentions, sometimes a cartridge becomes clogged. This might happen more with high-potency cartridges that have thicker liquids. As the oil moves through the cartridge to you, it can accumulate into heavy goo and plug up. However, all is not lost!

Here are some ways you can clean out your jammed vape.

The easiest way to unclog your vape is to heat the oil a little. Remember that all you want is to make it a little thinner, not heat it to its vapor point. There are several ways to do this.

1. The Hairdryer Method

Hold the cartridge upright and turn a hairdryer on it for about 15 to 30 seconds. Remember that all you want is to thin it out, so high heat and lengthy application are not the goals here. All you would end up doing is corrupting the remaining juice.

2. Let it Sit in a Warm Spot  

Set it upright in a warm place, like next to a warm stove or about six inches behind an air fryer. You can also place it on a warm (not hot) radiator or set it in the sun. Again, time is not your friend here — keep an eye on it. When it’s thin and unclogged, you’re done.

If the plug has turned into a resin or collected some burned material, you may be able to clear the holes in the mouthpiece with a thin needle, pin, or toothpick. Just be careful not to push too hard. You could puncture through the clog into the soft white underbelly of your cart and ruin the mechanics.

3. Take a Hit Without Heat

Try taking a hit without the heat, or poke at some of the resin and debris and then try a good pull.

4. Take it to a Dispensary

If none of these methods work, you can also take it to your dispensary to see if they can help. Don’t waste your delta 8 THC until you have tried everything.

What Types of Vape Carts Last the Longest? 

Vaping devices on a wooden background

Cartridges are made out of plastic, polycarbonates, quartz, glass, or ceramic. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

The longest-lasting vape carts are made with glass CCELL carts (no leakage or wastage) with a premium heating element and low-voltage battery. 

Let’s explore some of the different types of vape cart options out there today. 

1. Plastic & Polycarbonate Cartridges

These budget cartridges may be wallet-friendly, but they’re just not worth the savings. The vapor is not good quality, and the carts can break and leak like a disgruntled federal employee.

And they’re plastic — we don’t need any more plastic crap out there.

The only advantages are that they’re cheap and use the same wicks that glass cartridges use. 

2. Quartz or Glass Cartridges

Glass casings are not only more reliable, but they are also easier to fill and are much better looking. They also don’t leak as often and use the same wicks that plastic cartridges use.

The only drawback is that you need to use a battery with low voltage, which will not produce the high-quality vapor some of us love.  

3. Ceramic Cartridges

These cartridges use exposed wires instead of wicks. While this creates a better vapor, some manufacturers made low-quality products that risked the health of users.

If you use a glass or ceramic cartridge with a metal atomizer, get a heavy metals test from the company and make sure it’s recent.

Choosing The Best Vape Batteries

The activation process and power of the battery are where the difference in batteries shows. Most of the premium vape batteries are built into the pen, so to charge it, you need to hook it up to a provided charger and plug it into the wall outlet.

Note that many batteries don’t play well with other chargers, so make sure you keep the one that came with it. You risk shorting it out if you don’t. Also, for decreased wear and tear on the battery, only recharge it once it’s almost down to nothing — then remove it from the charger as soon as it’s back to 100%.

And for the love of corn, don’t charge it with your phone battery. You will be tempted. Resist, we say, with all your might!

Don’t charge it with your phone cable, either. The cables may look similar, but the phone battery has to power a lot of stuff, like your music player, wifi, touch screen, games—and of course your phone receiver. 

Charging your vape with the phone charger would be like watering your garden with a fire hose. So much destruction, and even an explosion, could occur.

So how about a car battery? If you have a mod that can be charged using a USB port, it may be possible. But it’s complicated, so why risk it? Just plan ahead and charge it based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Don’t get cute with it, and your vape will return the favor.

Wrapping It Up

If you follow some basics on using your delta 8 THC cart, you could conceivably get 300+ puffs out of a 1 gram cartridge. 

How to get the most hits possible from your vape cartridges: 

  • Buy high-quality cartridges and delta 8.
  • Take care of your battery and cartridge.
  • Store it upright.
  • Use the right kind of battery.
  • Take three to five-second puffs rather than massive, inefficient hits.
  • In the event of clogs, approach the problem gently and enlist help if you need it.
  • Regulate your use, especially if you are on a budget.
  • Don’t leave it where it can become clogged, degrade from heat or cold, or break.

If you want an exact number, you will have to just buy some cartridges and do it the hard way — count them! If you do some experiments, send us an email and let us know how many you get.

Nina created following the birth of her second child. She was a science and math teacher for 6 years prior to becoming a parent — teaching in schools in White Plains, New York and later in Paterson, New Jersey.

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