Red Thai Kratom — Strain Information, Effects, & Review

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Written by Livvy Ashton | Last updated: October 6, 2022

Curious about Red Thai kratom but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Our Red Thai kratom guide covers everything you need to know and all the hot points you should be considering to help you make a confident buying decision. We cover what Red Thai kratom is, what it does, its recommended dosage, and more.

We’ve also done the hard work of vetting online vendors, so you know exactly who’s the most trusted distributor of this highly sought-after strain. With our guide, you can spend fewer hours searching the internet for the perfect distributor and products.

Read on to learn all about this diverse strain and the best places to purchase it online.

What Is Red Thai Kratom?

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Kratom trees grow in South Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The substance has been used across these areas for centuries to help workers relax and reduce pain after long days of manual work. It’s legal in the U.S. and popular amongst many health-conscious people.

Red Thai is a popular strain that comes from the red-veined leaves of mature kratom trees that grow as tall as 100 feet in tropical jungles in Southeast Asia.

The plant’s leaves contain powerful alkaloids, which trigger a release of chemicals in your brain. This process is similar to opioids but without as many worrying side effects. Instead, you get relaxation and pleasure-inducing feelings without the same risk of dependency.

Kratom can be taken in multiple forms such as powder, capsule, or liquid form, allowing freedom of use. Unlike some kratom strains, Red Thai is fairly common, so you just need to check out the three stores we’ve included below to see all the exciting ways you can consume it.

Comparison to Other Kratom Strains

In general, red kratom strains tend to be best for pain relief, relaxation, and reduced stress. Two other common kinds of kratom have slightly different properties you should know about:

  • Green Kratom: This is often used for an energy boost effect, similar to caffeine but without the jittery side effects.
  • White Kratom: If you’re looking for a mood boost, white kratom is an excellent variety to try. It’s mainly known for improving happiness.

If you realize you want a combination of these effects instead of the exclusive Red Thai experience, don’t worry. Our three favorite vendors listed below provide several varieties of these strains.

What Does Red Thai Kratom Do?

Red Thai kratom is a very versatile substance that can have many benefits depending on your needs. There are five main effects of Red Thai, which are usually affected by the dosage you take, your body, and how you ingest it.

Here are some common benefits associated with this strain.

Relieving Stress and Anxiety

One of the best things about Red Thai kratom is that it can reduce the amount of anxiety and worry you feel. Many people suffer from stress, burnout, and other mental challenges due to societal pressure, workplace issues, and more. If you’re unsure about taking prescription medications for these issues, a more natural route could be to use Red Thai kratom — just don’t use them together!

Sleep Aid

If you struggle to sleep through the night, Red Thai is an excellent alternative to sleeping pills or other medication. The natural relaxing effects also extend to your sleep patterns.

Many Red Thai kratom users find that they sleep better and longer after trying this strain.

Energy Boosting

Although it might seem confusing that kratom can both relax and stimulate you, it doesn’t happen simultaneously. The amount of kratom you use affects how your body responds to it, so depending on how you want to feel, you can choose to have more energy or be calmer.

Red Thai can give you an energy kick in a low dose; the sedative effects come with larger.


Kratom can be used for pleasure and is a great way to relax. While many people find themselves turning to substances like alcohol to calm themselves after a stressful day, Red Thai provides a healthier and more restful alternative to unwind.

Mood Improvement

Many users find that Red Thai can help with their overall mood. Although this is strongest when the kratom is in your system, regular use can also create a long-term effect, increasing happiness and decreasing stress.

Help with Opiate Withdrawal

This effect won’t be relevant to everyone, but if you are addicted to opiates — prescribed or not — Red Thai could help you with the withdrawal symptoms. The process of quitting opioids becomes quicker and smoother because Red Thai creates similar effects as opioids. Always come off opiates under medical supervision, and talk to them about whether kratom could help in your case.

Although everyone will react slightly differently to Red Thai kratom, you can see from this list how versatile and useful the product can be. The experience you have from Red Thai kratom partially depends on the dosage you choose.

Red Thai Kratom Dosage

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Often, Red Thai is sold in capsules, making it easy to know how much you’re taking. Each capsule will contain a specified dose. It’s as simple as reading the label and following the company’s guidelines.

However, the label can be misleading to new users. The dosage information might only be relevant to experienced users (advising 3-5 grams, which might be too high for someone new to Red Thai). This is a potent strain, and if you’re a beginner, you will want to start with a low dose (1-3 grams). Increase the amount you take gradually without taking too much at once.

How much Red Thai kratom you should take also depends on what you want to use it for.

Several factors can affect the dosage you need:

  • Potency: Some strains of kratom are stronger than others. Red Thai is a reasonably potent strain, meaning that you might need to take less than other strains.
  • Type of product: If you’re using extract, you’ll need to take a lot less than you would if you were using powder. This is because it is more concentrated and therefore stronger.
  • Tolerance: If you’re a new Red Thai user, you’re likely to need less than long-term users to feel an effect. This is because your body gradually builds up a tolerance to the product, in a similar way to alcohol or caffeine.
  • Body Composition: As a rough rule, the smaller you are, the less kratom you will need to experience its effects.
  • Food Consumption: Many people find that kratom affects them more strongly if they take it on an empty stomach. However, you should follow the guidelines of the vendor you buy from.

The best dosage also depends on what effects you need. For energy and focus, a smaller amount of kratom is usually needed. This is roughly 1 to 5 grams, depending on factors like your weight, gender, and the type of kratom you’re using.

If you want kratom for euphoria or pain relief, you will probably need to take more of the substance — anywhere from 5 to 15 grams.

Taking a large amount of this strain does increase the chance of side effects, so always start small and see how your body responds to the substance.

Best Places to Buy Red Thai Kratom For Sale

Now that you’ve heard about all the benefits of Red Thai and the positive effects it can have on your life, you’re probably wondering where the best place to buy it is. It’s natural to want to be careful when purchasing any strain, so we recommend you choose a kratom source that is verifiable and safe.

Although you can sometimes find it in health shops in your local area, it’s often the easiest to purchase online. We’ve picked our three favorite sellers, so you know you’re getting your Red Thai kratom from a reliable source.

When vetting these platforms, we ensured they were quality vendors by gauging whether they offered specific benchmarks. At a minimum, all three of our vendors offer the following:

  • Positive Reviews: Any vendor you use should have verified customer reviews. This lets you know that they’re legitimate and provide high-quality products.
  • American Kratom Association (AKA) Approval: This organization only approves professional and safe vendors. Although there are still some good stores out there that have chosen not to be affiliated with this organization, it’s a good place to start.
  • Product Testing: It’s crucial to pick a vendor that tests its products. This ensures that everything they sell is safe and has not been contaminated with any other substances that might affect your experience. It also authenticates how potent the product is, so you won’t buy what you believe is a mild strain and end up with unwanted effects.

Here are the three best places to buy Red Thai kratom.

Kona Kratom

Product image of Kona Kratom Red Strains Lineup

Kona Kratom is a specialist in the Red Thai variant. This vendor is well known among kratom experts for its wide range of Southeast Asian strains. It’s perfect for the connoisseur who wants to experience all the effects strains like Red Thai and Green Malay provide.

This store is also well known for its value. With a money-back guarantee and free shipping, they’re perfect for beginners as you can mix and match a variety of strains and not have to worry about a huge postage bill.

The masterminds behind this brand are self-proclaimed kratom enthusiasts who’ve traveled to Indonesia and formed relationships with farmers first-hand. From lab testing to educating its users about the science behind grinding, Kona Kratom takes pride in its offering and aims to be innovators in the kratom space for the long term.

Overall, this store is excellent if you want to explore new strains without compromising on quality.

Star Kratom

Product image of Star Kratom All Strains Color Lineup

Star Kratom is a great site to buy from if you’re looking for liquid kratom. As most people consume powders or capsules, it can be hard to find a reputable place to buy Red Thai kratom liquid, but this great vendor has you covered.

They only sell American Kratom Association (AKA) approved products, ensuring that anything you buy from them is reliable and safe. As a bonus, everything they sell is also 100% organic, making it a perfect option for high-quality kratom with an environmental focus.

VIP Kratom

Product image of VIP Kratom Red Strains Lineup

As their name suggests, VIP kratom is a luxurious and high-quality provider of Red Thai. They ensure that their products are of excellent quality and do their best to guarantee positive experiences for anyone who purchases from them.

The selection is highly curated, so this store is a great option to guarantee the Red Thai kratom you buy is in excellent condition.

Using this vendor regularly won’t affect your bank account either. With free US shipping on orders over $49.99, you can rest easy knowing that you’re saving money, particularly if you buy in bulk.

With clear, concise information and named strains, this store is perfect for those who want the best possible Red Thai kratom.

Conclusion — What is Red Thai Kratom?

If you struggle with pain, stress, or low mood, then Red Thai might be what you need to get your life back on track. This strain has been loved by people across Asia for centuries and continues to be popular in many countries for pain relief, increased happiness, and natural relaxation.

Although there are several kratom types, Red Thai is particularly useful for bringing calm and serenity to your everyday life and is a long-lasting and legal alternative to prescription medication. Many people find that it’s a suitable alternative to medications like sleeping pills, with fewer side effects.

Now that you know all the information, the only thing that’s left to do is buy and enjoy it. However, it’s crucial to select a safe and reputable seller.

We love VIP Kratom, Kona Kratom, and Star Kratom because they’re reliable, transparent about product testing and quality, and offer great shipping deals. Check out these three recommended vendors to get the best Red Thai.

Livvy is a registered nurse (RN) and board-certified nurse midwife (CNM) in the state of New Jersey. After giving birth to her newborn daughter, Livvy stepped down from her full-time position at the Children’s Hospital of New Jersey. This gave her the opportunity to spend more time writing articles on all topics related to pregnancy and prenatal care.